Monday, 11 August 2014

Halifax Lady Workers' Committee

Public Notices


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a Meeting of the Mayoress's Lady Workers’ Committee held this morning, it was decided to organise all Ladies within Halifax and District willing to give their services by making up good serviceable Clothing for the use of Soldiers and Sailors serving their country, and also the making up of any article which may come in useful, or which may be wanted by, the Red Cross Society, Ambulance Brigade, Local Relief Committee, or similar institutions.

For the above purpose, the Borough and Districts have been divided into Sections, and a Head appointed for each Section.

 [table giving Name of District, Head, Address follows]

Any Lady willing to assist should at once communicate with the Head of the Section in which she lives, and she will then be provided with material.  All cutting out and preparation will be arranged for at Headquarters.
Contributions of money or promises for any of the following materials: --

  • Butter Muslin, White Flannelette for bandages, Flannel in scarlet, khaki and dark grey, Union Flannel for shirts in grey or dark colours, White Heather Wheeling for socks, &c., in navy, khaki, or grey, Old Linen, washed and free from starch, 

should be sent to Miss E. Ingham, Savile Heath, Manor Heath-road, Halifax.
Dated this 11th day of August, 1914.
Joint Hon. Secretaries.

(The Halifax Courier, 15th August, 1914)

[This sounds very well-organised, if not regimented, but on the other hand, the remit sounds a bit vague - anything "which may come in useful, or which may be wanted".] 

Ad in The Halifax Courier, 29th August 1914 

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