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Women And House-Planning

From the Brecon & Radnor Express, 23rd March 1916.


Sir,—The South Wales Garden Cities and Town-Planning Association is conducting an inquiry into the planning and internal arrangement of dwellings from the women's point of view.  It is proposed, by personal inquiry amongst women all over the South Wales coalfield, to ascertain what are regarded by women as the principal faults of house-planning, and, also, to receive suggestions as to constructional materials and arrangements, the use of which would tend to reduce household labour.  In addition, various subjects relating to the improvement of home-life will be investigated—for example, co-operative house-keeping, hostels for single men, etc.  The results of the inquiry will be embodied in a report and published.

An Advisory Committee of women is being formed to assist in the inquiry, and a meeting of this committee will be held at the City Hall, Cardiff, on Saturday, April 1st.  I shall be glad to receive the names and addresses of women's organisations, or of individual women who will co-operate with the association in this inquiry, and to send them invitations to attend the meeting.

Yours, etc., EDGAR L. CHAPPELL
(Secretary, South Wales Garden Cities and Town-Planning Association).
18, Queen Street. Cardiff.
March 10th, 1916.

[It seems very enlightened for the time to think of asking women what they needed in the design of houses. Edgar Chappell was evidently a significant figure in South Wales - see here for an outline of his career.]

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