Thursday, 17 March 2016

Gifts to the Penoyre Red Cross Hospital

From the Brecon & Radnor Express, 23rd March 1916.


Sir,—We wish to thank very gratefully the following kind friends for gifts sent to the Hospital:-- Sheets, pillows and bolster cases, and towels, from Cefn Ladies' Working Party, sent by Miss Violet Jones, Cilsanws; scarves sent by the Misses Jones; eggs and apples from Mrs Jones, Tyfry, Llanfrynach; eggs from Mrs Cole-Hamilton, Llangattock Rectory; vegetables, Mrs Garnons Williams; eggs and vegetables, Cantref Parish, Mrs Saunders Jones; eggs, Mrs D. Williams; eggs, Mrs Davies, Groes; bread, eggs, jam, books, Miss Vaughan; potatoes, Mr D. Phillips; chicken, Mrs Vaughan; two chickens, Mrs T. Jones, Llwyncelyn; eggs and jam, Mrs Price Jones; milk and apples, Miss Griffith, Battle End; milk and eggs, Miss Morgan, Ynismoch; eggs, Miss Davies, Cwmwysg, collected in Sennybridge and Aberyskir district; eggs, Corporal Evanson; apples, 1½ lbs. butter, eggs, collected in the market by Miss Best.

Chickens are the greatest help for the sick and we are extra grateful to our friends who send them.

Mrs Graham Clarke very kindly came up and sang for us on Friday, and the patients and staff think it was very kind of her and Lady Pelly to come up on such an arctic day.

Yours, &c.,
March 13th.

[I partly included this letter because I had wondered what had happened to Miss deWinton, last heard of in February 1915, asking for socks to be knitted for the Brecon War Clothing Depot.  Being in charge of a hospital looks like a step up.  It seems that the hospital was having  to rely on charity to supply all the food for the patients, as well as medical supplies, perhaps, although it was presumably treating sick or wounded soldiers, and so I would have expected that it would get support from the War Office.] 

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