Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Socks needed

From the Western Times, 18th March 1916.


More Supplies Wanted for the Devon Battalions


Will working parties and private helpers kindly note that the supply of socks at the Mayoress of Exeter's Depot has entirely run out?  Many bales of socks have lately been sent to the fighting fronts for Devonians, especially to the Devon Regiment Battalions, and letters of thanks from officers, which from time to time have been quoted in these columns have shown how much these woollens have been appreciated.  Socks, in fact, are welcomed at the Front more than all other articles of clothing.  Any man back from the trenches will tell one that.  It is essential therefore that the Depot's stock should replenished as soon as possible.

Here is a letter received yesterday from the respected and popular Exonian, Capt. G. D. Roberts, of the 8th Devons:
On our return from the trenches on --, I received your parcel containing the boxing gloves, four footballs and slippers.  They will all be most acceptable.  The boxing gloves have already been used, and I hope the footballs will be soon, when we get a little further back; at present we are too close to the guns to be able to indulge in such luxuries as a game of football.  I am putting the slippers on one side, and will issue them as required to men with sore or frost-bitten feet, to whom they will prove a God-send.  Thank you again very much indeed.  All the men of "D" Company join me in this expression of thanks.
[A surprising mixture of comforts.  I imagine that Captain Roberts had asked for the boxing gloves, footballs and slippers - it would have been very odd to send such a collection of things unsolicited.] 

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