Monday, 30 November 2015

Sister Susie, Send Some Socks

From Woman's Own, 27th November 1915.

Sister Susie, send some Socks
To save the soldiers' soles.
Some you sent some months ago
Are now reduced to holes.
Send them quickly, Susan darling,
Use the Auto-Knitter, So that someone's son or sweetheart
Gets them all the quicker.
The AUTO-KNITTER knits a pair of socks or stockings in less than 30 minutes.  Experience and distance immaterial.  Write for full particulars of our offer whereby you may earn another £1 a week and war bonus.  Enclose 1d. stamp for postage.

["Sister Susie" first appeared in a popular song of 1914 - the lyrics are given here.  Since then she had become a shorthand way of referring to the women who were making comforts for the troops.]  

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