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Seen at the Shops

From The Observer, 28th November 1915.

Seen at the Shops

Christmas Presents

Shoolbred, Tottenham Court-road. 
Children are naturally looking forward with as much enthusiasm as ever to Christmas festivities and presents, their ardent young minds being quite unaffected by the war, saving only that it has most unquestionably brought to the fore games and toys of a martial and maritime order.  Even Doll Land comes under the jurisdiction, Shoolbred, among their big selection of fascinating toys, presenting a beautifully-made unbreakable cloth “Tommy” in private's uniform, and a regulation “Jack Tar,” in two sizes, respectively 3s. 9d. and 4s. 9d., a Trenchman in puttees and fur coat, 5s., and a Red Cross nurse at 7s.  The new game, “From the Ranks to Field Marshal,” is most amusing, as is also “With the Flag to Berlin,” both procurable at two prices, 9½d. and 2s.  And, of course, there are endless field guns, anti-aircraft guns, whole armies of soldiers, and a realistic St. John Ambulance set; in fact, every feature of the war is represented in some form or another, the lighter side being touched upon in a number of novel and entertaining puzzles, suitable alike to young ones at home or soldiers on active service.

Coming to the more familiar type of Christmas gift is to find Shoolbred as fully prepared as ever to meet the demand, the fancy goods department overflowing with novel expressions of such old time tested favourites as folding photo frames, cretonne covered boxes, leather purse bags, manicure, dressing and jewellery cases, and the always popular attach√© case, fitted with the usual addenda.  While making a very strong appeal is a fine range of knitting and work bags and work stands, the latter in cretonne or silk mounted on strong wood folding frames; the cretonne coming out at 6s. and the black silk, lined with a colour, at 10s. 9d.

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