Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Parcels for Halifax Men

From the Halifax Courier, 20th November 1915.


It is exceedingly gratifying to announce the practical consummation of the great Christmas Gifts scheme for the soldiers, sailors; wounded and prisoners.  For our own share we have gathered in, and had promised, enough cash to pay for the parcels we are sending out, for Halifax borough, and for the comforts committees of Mytholmroyd, Cragg Vale, and Greetland.  One other may join, so we hear.

This cause has spurred every district around Halifax, and a very happy and just understanding has been brought about, that each neighbourhood this Christmas shall look after its own, by finding the cash, at any rate.  The grouping, the comparing of notes to see that no case is covered twice, and a score of other points, have been most happily done; all helpers, when the immense task is over, will feel that the method has been well worth the effort, while the scheme will secure, we think, that not many local men will be missed; in the Halifax area only those will be left out who have failed to comply with our well-published requests.  The “Courier’s” share in this business is well advanced.

The goods are ordered, and each man will receive—
A Plum Pudding. Cigarettes.
Spice Loaf. Tobacco.
½ lb. Toffee. 3 Candles.
¼ lb. Coffee ¼ lb. Cocoa.
We are sure there will be a lot for the money.  The general wishes of the men abroad were consulted before settling the list.  The cigarettes, by the way, number 171,000.  Fancy over 8 miles of them!

[This article follows an appeal in the previous week's Courier, which complained that money for the Christmas Fund was not coming in fast enough - this is much more cheerful.]  

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