Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Women in Uniform

From the Portsmouth Evening News, 9th June 1915.


Women in Uniform

Every day in town introduces us to women in some new uniform.  We are beginning to get accustomed to the woman who manipulates the lists in the big stores though it is still a little embarrassing to have the large swing doors at the entrance held open by a women.  The woman policeman has been a great feature of the “Women’s Work” Exhibition, and the woman ticket collector carries out her duties with imperturbable self-possession.  Everybody must have noticed that whether an amateur or professional, women seem to be driving nearly half the private cars in town at present.  Only the other day we had a woman “drum major” marching through the town wielding her long baton.  Old members at the clubs have begun to settle down quite comfortably to the presence of woman waitresses, and habituĂ©s of the Pall Mall district can see a white-capped, black-dressed maid looking out from an upper window ant the Athenaeum without turning a hair.  But perhaps the limit so far was reached at a local match last Saturday when a woman put on a white coat and umpired, wonderful to relate, to the complete satisfaction of both sides.

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