Friday, 26 June 2015

Bread for Prisoners of War

From the Halifax Courier, June 26th 1915

For some time now we have received some 200 loaves a week from kind ladies in Halifax, and a few just outside it.  This bread has been sent, the day after receipt to somebody’s father or son held in a Germany as a prisoner.  We know of just 100 of them, and each has been getting two loaves every 8 days.  Cannot we induce another 100 ladies to put their names on our list, promising two loaves apiece fortnightly?  We should like them to do so, and then we would ask our very splendid helpers of the past weeks not to send in oftener than fortnightly.  No lady has uttered the slightest grumble, or asked for this relief, but we feel the alternative scheme we have suggested would be desirable, only fair.

[List of bread-makers follows.]

[It seems extraordinary that the Courier should be sending bread from Halifax to camps in Germany - but presumably they had evidence that the loaves were still edible when they arrived. ]

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