Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Halifax Firm's Part in the War

From the Halifax Courier, June 26th 1915


From Brunswick Mills, Halifax, there are 26 employés serving with the colours in different regiments.  To the dependents of these the firm are very generously making an allowance of £1 per week.  Their fellow workers also maintain an interest in them, and this week they have subscribed to send out to them a parcel each of varied useful goods, together with an address, signed on their behalf by Mr. Middleton, the manager, wishing them good luck and safe return.  The workers at the mills have in other ways been doing their bit since the war began, having subscribed £26 17s. 6d. to the Mayor's Fund, £21 2s. 6d. to the Belgian Refugees' Fund, and £20 to the "Courier" Comforts Fund.  One of the employés with the colours, Lce.-Cpl. Crossley, of the Scots Fusiliers, is at present on furlough recovering from frost bite contracted at the front; Pte. Patchett, of the Coldstream Guards, is on special duty in London, having been incapacitated by wounds in action; and Pte. Harry Walker, of the 2nd Duke's, is in hospital at Darwen suffering from gas.  The remaining 23 are either at the front or completing their training.

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