Friday, 21 November 2014

Extras for the Swansea Battalion

From the Cambria Daily Leader, 21st November 1914. 

6th (Service) Battalion Welsh Regiment


“We must see to it that our men go in want of nothing that we can supply.” 

A Committee has been formed for the purpose of affording such assistance as may be desired to the men now serving abroad with the 6th (Service) Battalion Welsh Regiment.  The men are performing arduous duties in the King's service, and are far away from places where they can get the little "extras" to which they have been used, and which are so necessary to their comfort.

....There are many people who rightly regard the 6th Welsh as the especial Battalion of Swansea and the immediate district.  It is felt, however, that the many relatives and friends of the men would like to assist in a movement for assuring to them direct supplies from time to time.

A Ladies’ Committee..... is at work for the purpose of providing shirts, socks, sleeping helmets, mittens, belts and other suchlike articles, whilst a Men's Committee is formed for the purpose of assisting to raise funds to further the work of the committee, to provide tobacco, &c., and to render such help as may be required in other directions from time to time.

A Central Bureau is opened at “Leader” Buildings, where gifts in money and in kind will be received and where assistance will be rendered in sending for relatives small parcels in a manner that will ensure the most speedy and certain delivery to the men for whom the parcels are intended....

[The 6th Battalion of the Welsh Regiment was a Territorial Battalion, and was serving in France by November 1914, but not, apparently, in the front line.

It's noticeable that while the Ladies' Committee had a very clear role, i.e. sewing and knitting, the role of the Men's Committee is less clearly defined, including the vague 'rendering such help as may be required from time to time'.]   

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