Monday, 10 November 2014

A Pageant in Glasgow

From the Glasgow Herald, 9th November 1914.


In aid of war relief purposes a pageant, entitled "The March of Progress," was performed in Queen's Park West United Free Church, Glasgow, on Friday evening.  The interesting character of the entertainment and the object to which the proceeds were to be devoted attracted a very large audience.  The pageant, which was arranged by Mrs J. Somerville Smith,  introduced many historical personages in costume, and either by vocal or elocutionary illustration each was presented in a manner which appropriately typified the characters and at the same time revealed the abilities of the performers.  The principal personages -- "Twentieth Century" and "History" -- were well sustained by Miss Molly Henderson and Miss Florence Guthrie respectively, and they were ably supported in the long line of illustrious figures represented by lady members of the choir and of the congregation.  Mr J. S. M'Callum was conductor, and Mrs M'Callum presided at the organ.  The Rev. J. L. Craig, who presided, moved a vote of thanks to the performers.

[They had to make their own entertainment in those days.]

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