Monday, 11 December 2017

The Rhondda Biscuit

From the Evening Despatch (Birmingham), 11th December 1917.


Lord Rhondda [the Food Controller] has just confessed that he does not consume a pound of tea a year, and a woman correspondent reveals the secret that he is eating oatmeal instead of bread.

If these simple and economical oatmeal biscuits were tried (she says) more people would follow his example: Into 1 gill [¼ pint] of boiling water melt loz. margarine or dripping.  Stir in ½lb. medium oatmeal and a saltspoonful of salt.  Knead for few minutes, roll out, cut into squares and bake 30 minutes.

From the Yorkshire Evening Post, 30th November 1917.


"A quarter of a pound of Rhonddas, please," asked the small child.  From the biscuit-tin with duly printed label, the shop-keeper handed over the goods demanded.  Thus, remarks the Daily Chronicle, is the  Food Controller already assured of immortality, for long after the war has become a memory Rhondda biscuits will remain a household reality.

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