Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Denbighshire War Work Guild and County Comforts Association

From the Llangollen Advertiser, 16th November 1916. 

War Work Guild and County Comforts Association.

The collection for the above was held on November 8th, and: Mrs. W. Best is glad to be able to report a decided increase in numbers, there being a total of 191 articles, made up as follows:-39 pairs of socks, 3 jerseys, 88 pairs of mittens, 4 bed jackets, 40 scarves, 4 pairs op. stockings, 10 caps and helmets, 6 bags and 2 various.  The workers in Llantysilio contributed 53 knitted articles, 25 coming from the Mothers' Union work party.

Since the last report, distribution has been made to the County Comforts' Association of 80 pairs of mittens, 35 scarves, 8 helmets, 5 bed jackets and 5 pairs of operating stockings; to Mrs. Wood, for the Liverpool Regiment, 10 pairs of socks; to Pte. Frank Edwards, R.W.F., 2 pairs of socks; to Pte. Griffiths Jones, R. W.F., 1 shirt and 2 pairs of socks; to Pte. John W. Rogers. K.S.L.I., 1 shirt, jersey, scarf, 2 pairs of socks.  To the following Llantysilio men: Pte. C. C. Lloyd, R.W.F., 1 jersey, a pair of socks, helmet, mittens and scarf; to Pte. John Roberts, Cheshire Regiment, Pte. Price Edwards, R.W.F., Pte. Thomas Roberts, R.W.F., and to Pte. Gwilym Roberts, K.L. Regiment, each a parcel containing one shirt, pair of socks, cap, mittens and scarf.

Sir Edward Ward continues to press his appeals to the voluntary organisations under his control, and he asks to know the maximum number of scarves, helmets, and mittens that Denbighshire can supply fortnightly up till Christmas, concluding:  "The need for these articles is great and urgent."  In answer to this, Mrs. W. Best hopes to supply every fortnight 50 mittens, 30 scarves, and 20 helmets.

Mrs. Best would be glad to send specifications of the helmets to anyone on request, as she is anxious to get more of these made, as so few workers attempt them.

The next colIection will be on November 22.

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