Tuesday, 14 November 2017

"Knitting Fortnight" Planned

From The Dundee Courier, November 14th 1917.



The need for knitted articles and comforts in general for our fighting men is particularly urgent at the present time, and Dundee women are preparing to take their part in a national effort to meet the requirements.  Miss Kynoch presided at a meeting of the Women's War Relief Committee yesterday afternoon, when Miss Duncanson, the hon. secretary intimated that the number of articles received for the past week amounted to 519.  This was a very small supply, especially in view of the fact that a requisition had been received that day from the War Office for 150 mufflers and 250 pairs of mitts.  Comforts of every kind were more urgently needed now than ever before.  In a communication dated 12th November, Sir Edward Ward stated that it was a matter of regret that, owing to the new conditions which had recently arisen in the movement of troops at the various battle fronts, the number of knitted comforts provided by the associations affiliated under his Department were insufficient to meet the heavy demands for these articles, and unless much larger quantities were forthcoming during the next few weeks the needs of the armies at the various areas would not be adequately met.  He fully appreciated that associations had so far always provided everything that had been asked for, and he appealed to them to make a supreme effort to supply the maximum number of these comforts, especially mufflers, mittens, helmets, and socks.  He hoped he might shortly be in a position to make a small grant of knitting yarns to assist the Dundee association in meeting the increased demand.

The whole position was fully discussed by the Committee, and it was decided that every possible effort should be made to encourage individual knitters, for even a single pair of socks sent to the office in Bank Street was gladly welcomed, and it was also agreed that a "knitting fortnight," similar to that of last year, should be held in December.

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