Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Eat Less Bread

From the Todmorden & District News, 17th May 1917


We must eat less bread—and no bread must be wasted.  The real national danger is not a shortage of potatoes or sugar, but the shortage of wheat, and without the greatest economy we cannot get through till the next harvest.  Lord Rochdale writes:—At the request of the Director of Food Economy, I am writing to urge the absolute necessity for everyone to eat less food, and especially bread.  It would not be necessary to do this if our danger was realised.  We know that already there is a shortage of sugar and potatoes; we shall soon be short of bread and other cereals.  It is common knowledge that many of us could do with less bread than we are now eating.  One slice of bread less a day for every person in Rochdale would mean a daily saving of about 10,000 loaves.  If we realised that each mouthful of food that we eat more than we absolutely need to keep us in good health, is a definite help to the Germans and prolongs the war, we should be more careful.  By eating too much we prolong the war, and each extra day means the sacrifice of more lives.  The seriousness of our danger must be my excuse for thus appealing to my fellow men.  We know waste of food still exists. I have heard this week of 12 oz. of bread being eaten at breakfast by one man!  Let us from this day show that we can do our part in beating the Germans by making our food last as long as possible, and thus back up the sacrifices of our gallant soldiers in the trenches.

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