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Voluntary Help

From the Brecon and Radnor Express, 13th July, 1916.

Voluntary Help.



Mrs G.M. Moseley, the hon. secretary of the Radnorshire Association for Voluntary Work, has received the following letter from Sir Edward Ward, the Director-General of Voluntary Organisations :—

"Dear Madam,—With reference to the recent circular letters addressed to you regarding supplies of knitted comforts for the armies in the field and hospital requisites for our wounded men, I think it wise to emphasise the point that demands upon my department for all these articles are likely to be very heavy, and, in order to meet them, I must rely upon the re-doubled efforts of the hundreds of thousands of voluntary workers who have so patriotically united for the purpose of working under the central direction of my department.

It will interest all the members of your association to know that enormous quantities of all kinds of comforts have been distributed in each theatre of war to units of every arm of the service and to all military hospitals, both at home and abroad, and, in addition, we have been able to give our gallant Allies very material help.

The demands from camp, trench and hospital steadily increase, and it is only by your splendid work that we are able adequately to meet the urgent requirements of our fighting men at home and abroad.  As an example, one comparatively small demand which I, as Director-general of Voluntary Organisations, have undertaken on your behalf to supply by the middle of August is 50,000 pairs of mittens for the troops in Mesopotamia.  I am confident, therefore, that you will accumulate stocks which will enable me to meet promptly every request.

The demands and necessities for more hospital supplies increase daily.  The hospitals have nothing but the warmest praise for the requisites supplied by you.

In the name of our soldiers, I thank you and all the workers of your association for the splendid response you have made to my appeals on their behalf, and I look to you not to relax your efforts in making both comforts and hospital supplies."

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