Sunday, 14 February 2016

Charlie Chaplin at Huddersfield Picturedrome

From the Holme Valley Express, February 12th, 1916. 


Mr. Harvey Vernon, the enterprising manager of the Huddersfield Picturedrome, has been able to secure Charlie Chaplin for this week.  The film is “Charlie Shanghaied,” and in this production the popular humorist is seen in the most humorous situations in his role as a recruiter of a ship’s crew.  He himself gets shanghaied!  The film has been on view throughout this week, and no doubt will command considerable attention today.  “Charlie” had the support this week of several other sparkling productions.

[The film can now be seen on YouTube.

The Picturedrome was on Buxton Road, now New Street,  An article in the Huddersfield Examiner in 2005 says that the Picturedrome opened in 1910, and burned down in 1949; the Curzon Cinema was built on the same site and opened in 1950.]

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