Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Woman Tram Conductor

From the Birmingham Daily Mail, 12th May 1915.


Asked how she liked her first day's work as a tram-car conductor, a Glasgow woman said that car conducting was no more inconvenient for women than office work. The passengers, as a rule, were helpful and polite, and as for climbing stairs - it was simply a jolly exercise.

One little habit of this conductress is said to be enjoyed by the men passengers.  When she wants fares she does not shout "Fares, please!" but gives the passenger a nudge, and the desired fare is quickly produced.

It a thought that the nudge will "catch on" if done gently and in the absence of jealous women passengers.

[It's notable that this anecdote about a tram conductor in Glasgow was reported in Birmingham - women tram conductors were evidently such a novel idea that any story about them might be reported widely.]  

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